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Mundoo Island

Mundoo Island is a privately owned cattle station only 1 1/2 hours drive south of Adelaide in the Coorong on the Fleurieu Peninsula, South Australia.

Recently stepping back into the early history of sheep, Mundoo Island is now home to Dorper sheep as well as Angus beef cattle.

This unique property is the last farming property on the River Murray - where the river meets the sea.

The cattle station is run over a series of islands nestled in the mouth of the River Murray, the largest being Mundoo Island - 3,000 acres (approx 1,200 hectares). 

The fresh water passes through the barrages (under normal river flow) and mixes with the salt water corridor of the Coorong, flowing out to the Southern Ocean via the Murray mouth.

Three of the five River Murray Barrages, in the Coorong at the end of the river, run through the middle of the Mundoo Island cattle station.

Thus, the island has the salt water of the Coorong on one side and the fresh water of the River Murray on the other.

Swan feeding on Mundoo Island          Mustering on Long Island        Coorong birdlife 

Colin and Sally Grundy are the fourth generation of Grundys to farm Mundoo Island.

Tourism opportunities allow visitors to enjoy the natural beauty of the pristine and ecologically rich environment.

Enjoy a 1 ½ hour mini-bus station tour or book a special camping holiday at a unique island destination in the heart of the Coorong.

Book a private birdwatching tour - marvel at the diversity of the unique freshwater / saltwater environments providing varied habitat for numerous bird species.  Bring your binoculars for your birding adventure on Mundoo Island, adjacent the Coroong waterbody and Lake Alexandrina.

Plans for secluded accommodation for up to 4 persons are underway.  This would suit those who enjoy the environment, birdlife, fishing, kayaking (available for hire), paddock picnics and Coorong vista.  This private getaway will be open for business in the coming months. There is no 240 v power - but 12 v necessities will allow you to get away from life as we know it and enjoy a 'real' break! 
Don't worry, an inverter is supplied for mobile phone charging and laptop use!

Sally has written a book, "Mundoo Island Memories",  which is currently out of print but she is working on a new book which should be available in the coming months.

Please email with your enquiries:

Ron on horseback    Mundoo Barrage    Coorong Pelicans    Windmills

If prime heifers or steers are of interest to you, then look no further than Mundoo Island Angus Beef.

Born and bred in the temperate, salty Coorong environment.


This incredible vista is home to myriad birdlife and has a wealth of history.

From the paddle steamer era and construction of the River Murray Barrages to early station life
with a museum depicting the Blacksmith and Carpenter's tools of  trade from the 1800's. 

It is paradise for birdwatchers, artists and keen photographers.


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Tours available from 1 - 15 people (minimum $100 fee) - further details on our "Station Tours" tab on our website

Download our brochure in PDF: 
Mundoo Island & Coorong Tours Brochure

View the popular television show, "Mercurio's Menu" segment on Mundoo Island via You Tube:

Note:  There is no public access across the Coorong Barrages 

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